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Name:Gary Schineller
Company:Hello From My Heart Inc.
Address:3342 Teeside Dr.
City:New Port Richey
Country:United States of America
Phone No:7273760753
Cell No:7273891023
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Gary Schineller
Speaker, Author & Consultant

Hello, From My Heart,

As the founder of "Hello, From My Heart" Days you'll find me to be a wealth of information aimed at measurably creating a happier, healthier, and more peaceful company, community, or school.  My methods have now reached more than 100 million people from 115 nations.

What happens when we are happier, healthier, and more at peace.  Absenteeism decreases, productivity increases, employee stability increases, and the bottom line increases.  Gallup will now support these concepts with a statistical rendering of Engagement.

Natrually, the title of my book is "How to: Have a Nice Day."  It received the Inspirational Book of the year award from the 1st World Library.

Some say the whole is equal to the sum of its parts.  Be prepared to discover how your "whole" can truly be greater.
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